Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My new neighbour Peter

The Katie Price and Peter Andre travelling circus has entertained us for years now, raising many issues of common interest; love, marriage, nudity and plastic surgery, being most, well, actually all of them.

But the latest chapter, in which newly single Peter is allowed out by himself to choose a home is the most intriguing to me. And this is only partly because the house he has picked is very close to chez moi.

What really struck me was the rapidity with which he picked this 1.5 million det des rez. Unless he's been sneaking around in disguise, he was only in the area for about half an hour before slacking off to the beach. He says he's found his dream home, but how many houses do the rest of us mortals have to trudge through before we know we've found 'the one'? How many avocado suites do we have to pretend to appreciate, or napkin sized gardens do we have to 'walk around' before we find somewhere that we can both afford and like?

Maybe it's different for the super rich. Maybe they actually can't see anything with all those flash guns going off. But Peter Andre, with so much else to worry about, reminds me of Lou in Little Britain saying, 'I ont that one' while looking in the opposite direction. Someone needs to tell him, a house is not just for Christmas (or Junior's birthday in this case), it can take ages to buy, ages to sell, and if it doesn't fit, knocking it down and building another one can really upset the neighbours.

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