Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The vendors' revolt

It seems an appropriate fate for the much disputed HIP that, according to a report from Spicerhaart, most buyers don't read them, and the majority of vendors are not even bothering to order one.
By the time the Home Information Pack had been thoroughly diluted from the initial idea, which included a potentially useful home condition report, few people, apart from those involved in the business of selling them that is, could really see the point. But, in the political tradition of 'I've started so I'll finish', this turkey of a document, which delays sales and costs us a few hundred quid became fully operational in April.
So now we have to let a stranger into our homes to tell us to get more insulation, a new boiler, some energy-saving lightbulbs, oh, yes, and pull out those rattly original Georgian windows and put in some lovely double glazing that will be in landfil in twenty years.
And we have to pay for searches that will be shredded on arrival at our buyers' solicitors, and duly re-ordered.
So, if only to prevent the futile felling of a few trees, I'm really pleased at this British show of bugger-the-£200-fine bravado. It may not be quite at the level of the Iranian public's recent protests, but if it hurries the demise of this emperor's new clothes of conveyancing, then power to the people!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. However, your thoughts are not exactly rational or correct on this one.

    Came operational in March and delays sales???

    Letting strangers into your home???

    You not going to sell your house that easily if your not happy with strangers coming into your house.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the date error, Anonymous. I have now changed it.
    As for the other points, I have yet to see any evidence that HIPs have generally speeded up the sale process. But I have spoken to many people who think that the delay caused by waiting for a HIP is damaging the market and substantially reducing the number of properties for sale.
    As for letting strangers into my home, I choose my estate agent, who will accompany buyers around my home. And I won't have to pay them to poke around my loft insulation.