Monday, 1 March 2010

The deserving rich

I've been writing a lot recently about multi-million pound properties, and one thing has struck me: most of them seem to be either empty or in the process of being refurbished.

I heard a story today about a £3 million Mayfair makeover (you will by now have grasped that we're not talking about the sort of owners who pick up a paintbrush, order about someone who picks up a paintbrush, or even pick up the phone to someone who knows someone who picks up paintbrushes). Anyway, the said designer makeover was, allegedly, enjoyed by the house's owners for a couple of weeks over a two year period before the whole interior was removed, lock, stock and probably gold puking swan taps, sold at auction for a million, and replaced with something else that no one will use either.

It's only the hotel-room blandness of the interior design in so many of these 'homes' that prevents me from giving up journalism and spending my time foraging around skips on Billionaire's Row.

Which is why I was so glad today to hear that the wonderful eco-palace created by Paul Lavelle in the Cotswolds has been bought by the £56 million lottery winners (the lucky couple having given their old home to their cleaning lady). Not only are they unlikely to rip out and replace the fittings, but they might even, revolutionary though it may sound, live in it.