Friday, 17 September 2010

Dead expensive

It's not just me that's obsessed with property.

Yesterday's Daily Mail featured a very sad story about a woman who was found dead by an estate agent showing potential buyers round her £800,000 Notting Hill home.

As you might expect, the story caused a great number of comments. But, to our shame, readers' thoughts were not with the unfortunately deceased, nor even with the unlucky estate agent.

No, Angry of Tunbridge Wells was on the warpath about the price of the house.

It's enough to make me ashamed to be unhealthily obsessed with the property market...


  1. My husband is addicted to property. he can't walk past an estate agent's window without looking in and he gets cross if you try to hurry him along. We now have 4 houses around the world and a fifth on the way! It is expected in December and so far the gestation has been as traumatic as the last difficult delivery in South america. I find the "go somewhere have a goodtime and buy a new house" as a souvenir bit tricky to balance with my side of the marriage as a housewife and mother to two small kids !! My husband doesn't recognize that he has an addiction and I can't find anywhere offering support for this antisocial's sort of the flipside of homelessness ...lot's of homes but no-one to fill them....

  2. Hi Anon
    I agree (but am very jealous that your husband can afford to keep buying property!) Would you send me an email as I would like to talk to you about something...